Sporting the latest in destructive Commando Elite technology, the XJ-57 Bipedal Walking Weapons Platform (also known as Bipod) is the fellow evil Commando Elite's best friend and also the menace to heroic Gorgonite society. It was briefly featured in the PlayStation 1 adaptation of the film.


Bipod is (as its name implies) a bipedal robot armed with a concealed side-mounted gun. The gun ejects out from the Bipod's triangular side panels when attacking targets. It has two optical lenses on its nose which are painted over with a sharp-toothed mouth.


Like the fellow evil Commando Elite ground units, Bipods are incapable of jumping however, this is compensated by their speed on the battlefield. Their cannons inflict fairly light damage that is compensated by their moderate rate of fire (one round every half second) and their deadly accuracy.

Summon LocationsEdit

In the player 2 mode, Bipod can be summoned by Chip Hazard in the levels:

Bipod's Enemy CounterpartEdit