The Commando Elite

"We are The Commando Elite! Everything else, is just a toy…."

- Chip Hazard

The Commando Elite are the mortal enemy of The Gorgonites. They were created by toy designer Larry Benson and manufactured from a toy company called Heartland Playsystems that had been taken over by a military division named Global Tech. Industries.

Those evil, war-hungry baddies are indeed the very most aggressive fighting force ever assembled. Gil Mars ultimately wanted the Commando Elite to be heroes; the Commando Elite are only very complete evil, violent, scumming, psychos. With a X-1000 munitions micro-processing chip hard-wired into every Commando, they are ready to complete their very own main primary objective: to destroy every living Gorgonite. Nothing will get in the way of a Commando trying to take down a Gorgonite. If they even think a Gorgonite is hiding somewhere, they will raid and destroy that area. Since the evil Commando Elite originated from a military based company, everything about the Commandos are military related. From weapons to tactics, and even commands are military based. When it comes to making the first strike in a war, the Commandos are simply the only ones to do it. A Commando will stop at nothing to keep them from completing their mission. The Commando Elite hunted the Gorgonites throughout the film before they were eventually destroyed by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). The Commando Elite were led by Chip Hazard, and the members are:

  • 'Butch Meathook.'
  • ''''Nick Nitro.''''
  • '''''''Brick Bazooka.'''''''
  • ''''''''''Kip Killigan.''''''''''
  • Vazquez.
  • The gwendy dolls.
  • Sentry (Shown in the PS1 game only)
  • Bipod (Shown in the PS1 game only)
  • Mortar (Shown in the PS1 game only)

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