The Commando Elite.

"We are The Commando Elite! Everything else, is just a toy…."
Chip Hazard [src]

The Commando Elite are the mortal enemies of the Gorgonites. They were designed by Larry Benson, a human employee of Heartland Playsystems (later acquired by Global Tech. Industries). The leader and commander of the Commandos is Major Chip Hazard.


These evil, war-hungry baddies are the most aggressive fighting force ever assembled. With an X-1000 munitions micro-processing chip hard-wired into every evil Commando, they are ready to complete their very own main primary objective: to destroy heroic Gorgonites. If they think that the heroic Gorgonites are hiding somewhere, they will raid and destroy that area. Since the evil Commando Elite originated from a military based company, everything about the evil Commando Elite are military related. From weapons, to tactics, and even commands are military based. When it comes to making the first strike in a war, the evil Commando Elite are simply the only ones to do it. The evil Commando Elite will stop at nothing to keep them from completing their very own complete main primary mission.



  • The much more machine-like characters were ultimately not featured in the film, but only in the PS1 video game. In the game the only summoned Commandos are these characters, but some of the other characters appearing in the game are only available as computer characters in the one player game.