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This article is about the PlayStation game level. For the article about Gorgon in general, see Gorgon.

Gorgon screenshot
Level screenshot




Insaniac x3 (unsummonable, immortal)


Bipod x12

Kip Killigan x9


'Hostage Machine' x3

Small Soldiers (PS1)

Spirit x3 (4th if Talisman collected)

Wind x6 (1 dropped by 4th Bipod and 1 from third Kip)

Green Gun x7 (8 if all Secrets found)

Blue Gun x7

Talisman x1

Green Chanter x1

Green Key x1 (obtained from Chanter)




X, X, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Circle, X

Previous level


Next level

Dimensional Temple

"I have to free Insaniac!" 

- The opening speech from Archer when starting the level

Gorgon is the homeworld of the Gorgonites and is the first level in the one player mode of Small Soldiers, the video game based on the film. It is based in a temple-like surrounding and features several instances of fellow Gorgonite Insaniac held by a machine created by the Commandos which Archer must simply destroy to free him each time, both to unlock each Spirit Wells blocked by a fence and to help him defeat the Commandos. In the storyline, Gorgon is being invaded by the Commandos.


Small Soldiers (PS1) Walkthrough Level 1 Gorgon09:18

Small Soldiers (PS1) Walkthrough Level 1 Gorgon


When starting the level, the Mission Screen shows the following missions:

  • "The Commandos have invaded Gorgon!"
  • "Rescue your captured Gorgonite brothers!"
  • "The Astral Fires will take you higher."
  • "Use the Spirit Wells to traverse this realm."
  • "Repel Kip and Bipod at any cost!"

Level FeaturesEdit

Archer must go through the level, killing the Commandos and freeing Insaniac several times by destroying the machines, which will occasionally fire two green bullets at Archer. Each Insaniac will follow Archer around until entering a Spirit Well, killing some of the Commandos he comes across. He cannot be killed by Archer or the Commandos. At the end of the level is a Green Chanter Token which must be taken to the Green Chapel to unlock the Green Chanter which will return a green Key to unlock the Green Door leading to the next level.


Total: 3

  • In the second area, use the Astral Fire to jump, but instead face the opposite way to get the Spirit on a ledge.
  • In the second area after the three Bipods, go to the second hole to the left through a Spirit Well to get a Spirit. It is seen after the bridge in the second area.
  • In the third area with the lava, go to the right platform and the secret area is behind you, containing a Talisman.


  • In the film, Gorgon is never seen but is depicted as a temple-like underground level in the PS1 video game. 
  • Gorgon is the first level in the PS1 video game. It is also the only location also mentioned in the film; other levels are game-only based.
  • It is the only level to contain only one Chanter: the green Chanter.
  • This is the only level to containing non-spawning Gorgonites, and the only level with Insaniac not being spawned, the spawning level being [citation needed].
  • In this level, Insaniac is immortal to both Archer and the Commandos. He is not immortal, however in the level [citation needed]. He is the only character in the game to be immortal (at least in this level).


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