Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum
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Chip Hazard


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Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square

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"The War ends here!"
―Archer's speech upon entering the level

Inner Sanctum is the fourteenth and final level in the PS1 game Small Soldiers.

In this level, it is the final battle between the heroic Archer and the evil Chip Hazard. Chip has encased himself in high tech battle armor which makes him extremely deadly. Defeat Chip, and the game is won.

Missions Edit

  • There is no mission screen, but the main goal is to defeat Chip Hazard.

Gameplay Edit

Move through the chamber to see Chip walking along, fire a few shots at him to decrease his health gauge and he will rise up into the air. Move over to the War Machine and fire at Chip once again. If successful, Chip's armor will then ignite on fire and with a groan, he will finally fall to the ground and explode several times, ending the level.

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