Larry Benson is the creator of the Commando Elite.
Larry Benson
He worked in Heartland Playsystems and was one of the first to buy and operate the X-1000 micro-munitions processing hard-wired chips for the Small Soldiers Industry, while secretly typing Irwin Wayfair's secret password which is Gizmo, into the computer. Little did he notice, there was something strange within the chips, originally, programmed from the Department of Defense.

He is also an opportunist and he's willing to do anything to move up in the world.

After hear Alan's complain recorded, he tried to avoid the problem and he wanted to do a counter lawsuit; however, Irwin forces Larry to confess. Larry had no choice but to confess and was forced to take responsibilities for his incompetents.

He was horrified that his Commando Elite are the bad guys and they try to kill him and everyone else.

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