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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Faction Gorgonites

Nibble is the Aerial Scout of the Gorgonites and the only one to have flight. The flying Gorgonite resembling a bat, who swoops in from the sky when summoned to rain down fire on any nearby enemies with his green laser beam seen in the Small Soldiers (PS1).

In the video game, he has a very gremlin-like face with a big smile like Insaniac.

He can be summoned by Archer in the 2 player mode in the levels:

  • Spirit Bog.
  • Hall Of Patriots.


  • In the toy line he was a small purple troll-like character, instead of a flying Gorgonite. He came in a pack with Flatchoo and they acted as a counterpart of Punch It and Scratch It.

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