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War Group: Commando Elite/Possible Alliance.
Occupation: Standard Infantry
Weapons: Mini- Barrett M82 semi-automatic rifle.

Vasquez, sometimes referred to as " Vazquez", is a former Gwendy Doll changed fighter for The Commando Elite. She, much like The Gorgonites Stench and Nibble, is an additional character briefly not shown in the film Small Soldiers. She is secretly shown activitated on the PC game called Small Soldiers: Squad Commander, by using a cheat code named "vasquez". She can be activated for both the Commando Elite Campaign and do good for destruction, or The Gorgonite Campaign to be used against her creators.


When Chip and the rest of the evil Commandos snuck into Christys bedroom, they used the X-1000 microchip of the fallen Nick Nitro to transform her collection of Gwendy Dolls into new reinforcements for their cause. Vasquez was ultimately among their ranks.


While playing on a mission, in Small Soldiers: Squad Commander, all you need is to hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] + X+ S. Release S and finally release the other keys to enable cheat mode, it must show a red light blinking on the lower left corner of the mission. Enter the following code and press Enter to activate the doll: Vasquez.

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